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I am a passionate developper with more than 20 years of XP in several languages, technologies and compagnies.

I am currently working as a Lead Software Engineer, at Software AG in the Terracotta R&D team since 2015 with a lot of smart people. We develop and maintain Ehcache and Terracotta Store and provide clustering and management solutions for caching and storing huge amount of data efficiently with no downtime, low latency in a consistency or availability mode.

I am also the creator and maintainer of several Open Source Projects that you will find below.

I’ve been involved during 10 years in the Montreal Java User Group that I’ve bootstrapped in 2010 with a friend. This is now one of the biggest JUG over the world. I was also part of the Devoxx4Kids Quebec organization.

Also an enthusiast photographer, feel free to visit my Photography website. You will find some articles about neutral density filters and infrared photography too.


Project Language Description
License Maven Plugin Maven Maven plugin which helps managing license headers in your project source files
Beelance ESP32 Autonomous and remotely connected weight scale for beehives 🐝
YaS☀️lR (Yet another Solar Router) ESP32 Heat water with your Solar Production Excess!

Libraries (Java)

Project Language Description
Mycila Guice Java Google Guice Extensions
Mycila Pub Sub Java In-JVM Event API
Mycila XML Tool Java Manage XML document through a simple fluent API

Libraries (Arduino / ESP32)

Project Language Description
MycilaConfig ESP32 A simple and efficient config library
MycilaDS18 ESP32 ESP32 / Arduino Library for Dallas / Maxim Temperature Integrated Circuits
MycilaEasyDisplay ESP32 Easy to use Arduino / ESP32 library for SH1106, SH1107, SSD1306 OLED I2C displays
MycilaESPConnect ESP32 Simple & Easy Network Manager with Captive Portal for ESP32
MycilaHADiscovery ESP32 Simple and efficient Home Assistant Discovery library for Arduino / ESP32
MycilaJSY ESP32 Arduino / ESP32 library for the JSY-MK-194T single-phase two-way electric energy metering module
MycilaLogger ESP32 A simple and efficient logging library for Arduino / ESP32
MycilaMQTT ESP32 A simple and efficient MQTT helper for Arduino / ESP32 based on bertmelis/espMqttClient
MycilaNTP ESP32 A simple and efficient NTP library for ESP32 / Arduino
MycilaPulseAnalyser ESP32 ESP32 / Arduino Library to analyse pulses from a Zero-Cross Detection circuit
MycilaPZEM004Tv3 ESP32 Arduino / ESP32 library for the PZEM-004T v3 Power and Energy monitor
MycilaRelay ESP32 Arduino / ESP32 library to control Electromagnetic and Solid State Relays
MycilaSystem ESP32 Arduino / ESP32 library for system-related tasks
MycilaTaskManager ESP32 Arduino / ESP32 Task Manager Library
MycilaTaskMonitor ESP32 Arduino / ESP32 library to monitor task priority and stack high watermark
MycilaTrafficLight ESP32 ESP32 / Arduino Library for Traffic Light LEDs
MycilaTrial ESP32 Arduino / ESP32 library to add a trial duration in your app
MycilaUtilities ESP32 Utils stuff for Arduino / ESP32 like Time, String functions, CircularBuffer, etc

Maintained Forks (ESP32)

Project Language Description
ESPAsyncWebServer ESP32 WebSocket, SSE, Authentication, Arduino Json 7, File Upload, Static File serving, URL Rewrite, URL Redirect, etc
StreamDebugger ESP32 StreamDebugger allows easier debugging of Serial-based communication on Arduino, like AT commands
WebSerialLite ESP32 WebSerial is a Serial Monitor for ESP32 that can be accessed remotely via a web browser